Brand New



Powering a flexible soprano voice that lilts among the lush instrumental setting, Walsh knows what laid back is all about. Fun stuff that serves as a first class audio getaway..

- Chris Spector Midwest Review

By placing distinct emphasis on stellar lyrics and musicianship, Zink and Walsh capture the essence of true musicality. Just listening to Anne’s cover standards like “Nature Boy,” “Windmills Of Your Mind,” and “I Say A Little Prayer” reinforce the brilliance and style of her jazzy voice. Her Brazilian flair shines poetically as she sings “Coisas Do Amor” entirely in Portuguese with bassist Cardoso. When asked what the couple's magic formula was, Anne humbly replied “devotion and faith” amongst other things..

- Monica Pink and Blue Notes

In her latest release, Anne Walsh returns opting for a Brazilian vibe, without forgetting ballads and classic standards, such as "Here, There And Everywhere" (John Lennon, Paul McCartney), "I Say A Little Prayer" (Burt Bacharach, Hal David), "Windmills Of Your Mind" (Michel Legrand, Alan Bergman) and "Salt Sea" (Sergio Mendes, Lani Hall), "Nature Boy”. The album is completed with songs like "Amazon River", "Brand New", "The Beat”, “The Writings On The Wall”, all of which have original lyrics written by Anne. This album in short, is a compendium of topics including Brazilian sounds and rhythms, played and sung exquisitely by all involved. The album is recorded in the Ming Dynasty Studio by Thomas Zink and Leslie Chew. All the songs on this "Brand New” album are arranged and produced by Thomas Zink and Anne Walsh. Brilliant fifth album will prove undoubtedly to be a success..

- Not Only Smooth Jazz






- Jazz Fan

Pretty World

Pretty World



“With her latest release, Pretty World, she (Walsh) has padded pure and barefoot into a spellbinding universe of impeccably selected songs from the realms of Brazilian-kissed jazz. The result is the most impressive contemporary approach to balancing compositions deserving of wider recognition with standards as has been rendered in many a velvet moon. Most outstanding are three originally instrumental songs that were lyricized by Joe DeRenzo…Each song is impeccably arranged…This is simply the most refreshing contemporary jazz vocal album of the year.”                             

- Scott Galloway, Urban Network:

“ Walsh’s vocals inject rays of light into somber and melancholic arrangements tooling a fluidity that is soothing and natural. She has a graceful stride that brings out the beauty in these tracks, and the melodies seem to embrace the warmth that she provides.. 'Pretty World' is perfectly tailored to Anne’s register and philosophy about life, and is very persuasive in converting others to follow along her path. Her vocals have a graceful stride that brings out the beauty in these tracks, and the melodies seem to embrace the warmth that she provides.”

                                                                                                                                  Susan Frances - Jazz Times

With her debut jazz CD ‘Pretty World’ Anne Walsh has sublimely captured the concept of this planet of ours as a beautiful place to be. Her voice is as clear as a bell and as she joyously interprets a range of songs that span the decades the entire collection is blessed with a luscious string section and picture perfect production from husband Thomas Zink. In fact Walsh navigates this wonderful amalgam of buoyant Brazilian jazz grooves and poignant heart tugging ballads with total aplomb yet the fact that three memorable instrumentals have been given original lyrics, written specially for Walsh by Joe DeRenzo, simply adds to the creativity of this refreshing piece of work.

- Denis Pool, Smooth Jazz Therapy

“…the dynamic song stylist gives these tracks her best shot and wows listeners with versatile phrasing, poignant interpretive skills and multi-octave vocal prowess. Walsh is accompanied by some of the best musicians on the jazz scene today… The Portuguese version of ‘My Favorite Things’ is one of the best songs on this recording. Walsh sings with ease and emotion over beautiful orchestration and accomplished saxophone accompaniment by the great Gary Meek and brilliant bass work by Brian Bromberg. Overall, Pretty World surpasses the standards Walsh set for herself on her previous recording(s) and should delight her new and existing fans."

- Sounds of Timeless Jazz

The dream of most of my fellow baby boomers is to retire and travel to exotic destinations. But, today the cost of an airline ticket to Rio de Janeiro is more than most Social Security checks.

Well I woke up, and you can too, with charismatic songstress Anne Walsh as your guide toward a "Pretty World." This Sergio Mendes classic is the title tune on her new CD, and it is delivered with a crisp purity that lifts the spirit and carries us away. Touch down along the way with tunes from Jobim, Keith Jarrett, Pat Metheny and others whose music has circled the globe. A surprise is a visit with Suzanne Vega's "Caramel," a song of mysterious desire with an exotic stranger, delivered with exceptional passion.

Kudos to Anne's musical and personal companion, Producer Tom Zink who has brought together a group of world class musicians, provided artistic guidance, and arrangements ideally suited to Anne's delivery. Tom's skills in playing and arranging are obvious, but it is his creativity and innovation that help make this album unique. Who would think of bringing a bit of Jamaican steel drum "ping" and perhaps a bit of 1960's twisted note Sitar to another Mendes song, "Chove Chuva"? It all works very well. So, skip the airports and the highways. Travel with Anne and Tom on this well planned itinerary. This is a journey you can not afford to miss.

- Don Ciaffardini, Music Critic

Pretty World

Baby Mine



The smooth and soothing lyric vocalism of Miss Walsh brings a poignancy to each piece. The Polish "Lullaby Carol" was a surprising and happy memory from my childhood

- Joann C Zajac- Vocal Coach

As a mother and grandmother, "Baby Mine" affected me in a very deep way. Nothing is more special and pure than those quiet moments rocking your babies to sleep. Anne does an exquisite job with this brilliant piece of work. What a voice! "Baby Mine" is a must have CD! While this was written with little ones in mind, I say move over babies—this beautifully soothing piece of work is for all of us. I plan to listen to it regularly, most especially when I'm looking for something to soothe me.

- Cheri Kerr CEO Execuprov

"Oh, baby! What a treasure I have found. Described as "classic lullabies from around the world", one might expect forgettable elevator music, dulling the senses for a few moments between floors. Instead, a piercing, yet delicate and passionate voice cuts through the air, entering not just ears, but mind and heart. It carries the listener on a joyous journey to that otherworldly place we all seek when the noise and pollution of daily life rattle nerves and frazzles thoughts."

- Don Ciaffardini

What a pure, beautiful voice Anne Walsh has! I was making a lullaby compilation CD and listening to 30-second snippets of music online. There is so much kitschy, badly-sung kids' music out there (Okay, I am picky about diction and scooping notes because I am a singer myself, so I had to listen to a LOT of music to find something I liked.) When I heard Anne Walsh's "Baby Mine" and "All Through the Night," it was like a breath of fresh air. Her renditions of these classic lullabies are soothing, classy and all-around well-done. The best word to describe her voice is "pure." She doesn't need to add any schmaltz to make it sound good. I hope Ms. Walsh will make more CDs soon!

- E. Fox "Supermom" (North Carolina)

Pretty World

Be Still My Soul



I am from India. I like the beautiful voice of Anne Walsh. I repeatedly listen to the songs I can access sung by Anne Walsh. It really gives me a pleasant feeling. After work I play these songs repeatedly on Internet to get a peaceful mind. I would request Anne Walsh to continue singing gospel songs. I don't think I can get her CDs or DVDs here in India. But I would love to get her CDs/DVDs. Please let me know how to get it.

- Praveen J.

My interest in this CD came about when I was choosing music for my mother's funeral service. She is a Christian who loved life, people, nature, animals and so I wanted to have the song "This is My Father's World" sung. I searched an Internet site with dozens of versions, listened to a sampling of several and found Anne Walsh's version to be just the music I was looking for. It was part of the upbeat celebration of my mother's passing from this world to her eternal heavenly home with her Savior and Lord Jesus Christ. We downloaded the song, enjoyed it at the services and I ordered the CD that includes this beautiful rendition of "This is My Father's World". Now I am enjoying that plus all the other comforting hymns on this remarkable CD.

- Douglas Parker

Everything about Anne's new CD is lovely and top drawer!

I was blown away by the musical settings for each song, and Anne's voice floating on top of them and weaving in and out of the arrangement is so lovely to listen to. Even the packaging and photos are great.

I wish Anne luck on this and hope that the marketing takes off. Anne, Tom and anyone else who worked on this with them should be very proud. A halo in heaven for you for getting this one out!

- Michael Sartor